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Promotion & Tenure

The Department of Pediatrics Office of Faculty Development (OFD) offers promotion planning, application, and individual promotion review. We also provide an optional review of curricula vitae for style and readiness prior to submission as part of the promotions packet/review.

Promotion on Northwestern Faculty Tracks at Feinberg

Most individuals joining the Department of Pediatrics will be appointed to the regular faculty track at Feinberg. Promotion on all regular faculty tracks requires evidence of scholarly activity, although the amount and type of such activity varies for the different tracks. 

Promotion Tracks

Investigator Track – This is the only tenure track available to Feinberg faculty.  Faculty on this track typically spend all or most of their time research activity.  Their scholarly productivity should be commensurate with the level of time commitment.

Clinician-Educator Track – Faculty who do not spend the majority of their time in scholarly activity are typically on this track.  For promotion, they must show excellence in their emphasis on two of the following four domains:

Division Heads, faculty Mentors, or Coaches from the OFD can work with individual faculty members to help develop domains-related activities appropriate to their skills and interests.

Research Track - This track is for faculty members who will spend 100 percent of their time in research, without a commitment to other activities in the department or the medical school.  They may either be supported by another faculty member or generate their own external funding for their work.  This position is not tenure eligible.

Team Scientist Track – This track is for non-clinical faculty who work as part of a group and contribute to the education and service missions of the school.  Faculty members on this track focus their activity in one of two domains:

Appointment as Health Systems Clinician

Certain Northwestern faculty members provide clinical service to Feinberg but are not on the regular faculty tracks.  These individuals, which include most faculty members working at Lurie Children’s Hospital outreach sites, are appointed to the Feinberg Faculty as Health Services Clinicians.

Promotion on the Clinical Pathway (Internal Department of Pediatrics Process)  Some Pediatrics faculty members are employed to focus 90 to 100 percent of their time on clinical activities.  Since they are unlikely to have time to develop a strong scholarly portfolio, they will not achieve promotion on the conventional promotion tracks.  Outreach faculty who are employed as Health Services Clinicians by the Pediatric Faculty Foundation are not eligible for promotion on the regular faculty tracks. The Department of Pediatric has developed an internal pathway in order to provide opportunities for advancement to individuals in these groups. Applications are solicited annually by the Department.  More information regarding the criteria and process for promotion on this Clinical Pathway can be found in the FAQ's below.

Please contact our office to schedule individual career development counseling. We can assist you in pursuing any of these professional paths.

Clinical Career Track Frequently Asked Questions

Further Information on Promotion Tracks

For more information on these tracks and their requirements, Feinberg’s Faculty Affairs Office (FAO) has comprehensive Tenure/Promotion information.