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Gal Finer

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Kidney Diseases)

Dr. Gal Finer is a Board certified Pediatric Nephrologist, MD, PhD, clinician-scientist, and an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and The Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Dr. Finer acquired knowledge in genetic diseases of the kidney while serving the Bedouin population in Israel, and in molecular pathways of renal fibrosis while working in the laboratory of Dr. William H. Schnaper. Her current research interest lies in understanding the pathophysiology of Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (CAKUT). To this end, ...

Larry K Kociolek

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases)

My research interests are in the areas of healthcare epidemiology and infection prevention and control, particularly Clostridium difficile infections. I am exploring various aspects of C. difficile infection, including clinical and molecular epidemiology, diagnosis, antibiotic resistance, and host immune response. The primary aims of my K23-funded translational research are to optimize the diagnosis of C. difficile infection by validating several existing and emerging diagnostic testing strategies in children with the ultimate goal of accurately differentiating C. difficile colonization and in...

Leena Bhattacharya Mithal

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases)

I am a Pediatric Infectious Diseases specialist at the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, with a particular academic interest and clinical expertise in infections affecting newborns and infants. I am passionate about improving accurate diagnosis of sepsis and appropriate antibiotic use in infants through research and education.

Joanna S Blackburn

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Neurology and Epilepsy)

Joanna Blackburn, MD received her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, completed her pediatrics residency at NYU and her child neurology residency at Northwestern University/Children's Memorial Hospital (now Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago). She then completed a fellowship in pediatric movement disorders at University of Rochester. She joined the faculty at Northwestern University/Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago in 2012. Additionally she has been the program directory for the child neurology residency training program since 2013.

Valeria C Cohran

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition)

My primary interest is intestinal failure and transplantation. Children with intestinal failure are living longer with transplant free survival given advances in intestinal rehabilitation. I have participated in the first trial of teduglutide in pediatric short bowel syndrome. In the future there are other clinical trials that I hope to be able to participate in. There are patients who are unable to be tapered from TPN and will undergo intestinal transplantation. This is also a fragile population that require special expertise with regard to the nutrition and immunosuppression.

Farshad Sedaghat-Yazdi

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology)

My main area of clinical interest is in general cardiology, which includes diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease and evaluation of chest pain, palpitations, syncope/dizziness, and murmurs. I also have an interest and expertise in the use and application of exercise stress testing, especially in patients with congenital heart disease, as well as its use for cardiac rehabilitation.

Saeed Mohammad

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition)

As a pediatric hepatologist, I care for children with liver diseases, including those who may need a liver transplant. We have a great team who work hard to provide reassurance and care for both patients and their families during the stress of a critical illness, and I am exteremely proud to work with them. I enjoy the long term relationships that have developed with many of my patients and their families and am grateful to be a part of their lives.

Shelly Vaziri Flais

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Community Based Primary Care)

Dr. Flais engages in clinical care of pediatric patients in the outpatient setting, medical student and graduate medical education, and authoring/editing parenting book titles with the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Angira Patel

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) and Medical Education

Dr. Patel is a Pediatric Cardiologist with subspecialized training in Cardiac Imaging. Her research interests lie at the intersection of pediatric and fetal cardiology and clinical medical ethics. She explores the societal, ethical, and legal implications of emerging technology and intervention as it relates to medical management and shared decision making in patients with congenital heart disease. She also mentors medical students, directs a program that teaches bioethics to medical trainees, is the fellowship director of the Pediatric Cardiology Advandced Imaging Fellowship, and is involved ...

Cynthia V Stack

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Neurology and Epilepsy) and Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department

Clinical EEG and Epilepsy in children and neonates; neonatal neurology; neurological complications of pediatric(medical) disease

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