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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
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Below are the 50 more recent publications by faculty members in the Department of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Visit PubMed to see all publications from within the department.

  1. Le Coz C, Nguyen DN, Su C, Nolan BE, Albrecht AV, Xhani S, Sun D, Demaree B, Pillarisetti P, Khanna C  et al.  Constrained chromatin accessibility in PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia patients.  J Exp Med  2021 Jul 05;218(7). pii:e20201750
  2. Swain TD, Lax S, Gilbert J, Backman V, Marcelino LA  A Phylogeny-Informed Analysis of the Global Coral-Symbiodiniaceae Interaction Network Reveals that Traits Correlated with Thermal Bleaching Are Specific to Symbiont Transmission Mode.  mSystems  2021 May 04;6(3). pii:e00266-21
  3. Quinn GP, Tishelman AC, Chen D, Nahata L  Reproductive Health Risks and Clinician Practices with Gender Diverse Adolescents and Young Adults.  Andrology  2021 May 04;. doi:10.1111/andr.13026
  4. Sharma A, Badawy SM, Suelzer EM, Murthy HS, Prasad P, Eissa H, Carpenter PA, Hamadani M, Labopin M, Schoemans H  et al.  Correction: Systematic reviews in hematopoietic cell transplantation and cellular therapy: considerations and guidance from the American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy, European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, and the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research late effects and quality of life working committee.  Bone Marrow Transplant  2021 May 03;. doi:10.1038/s41409-021-01316-8
  5. Makkar A, Sandhu T, Machut K, Azzuqa A  Utility of telemedicine to extend neonatal intensive care support in the community.  Semin Perinatol  2021 Apr 05;:151424. pii:S0146-0005(21)00038-0
  6. Elkind MSV, Harrington RA, Lloyd-Jones DM  A Return to Normal Is Not Good Enough.  Circulation  2021 05 04;143(18):e893-e897. doi:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.121.054920
  7. Liu C, Kim JT, Kwak SS, Hourlier-Fargette A, Avila R, Vogl J, Tzavelis A, Chung HU, Lee JY, Kim DH  et al.  Wireless, Skin-Interfaced Devices for Pediatric Critical Care: Application to Continuous, Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring.  Adv Healthc Mater  2021 May 03;:e2100383. doi:10.1002/adhm.202100383
  8. Palla J, Laguna TA  Management of chronic pulmonary disease in the time of coronavirus disease 2019.  Curr Opin Pediatr  2021 06 01;33(3):294-301. doi:10.1097/MOP.0000000000001017
  9. Thomson RB, Dynia DW, Burlein S, Thomson B, Booth CJ, Knauf F, Wang T, Aronson PS  Deletion of Cdh-16 Ksp-cadherin leads to a developmental delay in the ability to maximally concentrate urine in mouse.  Am J Physiol Renal Physiol  2021 May 03;. doi:10.1152/ajprenal.00556.2020
  10. McQuillan MT, Kuhns LM, Miller AA, McDade T, Garofalo R  Gender Minority Stress, Support, and Inflammation in Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth.  Transgend Health  2021 Apr;6(2):91-100. doi:10.1089/trgh.2020.0019
  11. Berken JA, Heard-Garris N, Wakschlag LS  Guardians at the Gate: Early Adversity, Neurocognitive Development, and the Role of the Pediatrician in the Era of COVID-19.  Front Pediatr  2021;9:665335. doi:10.3389/fped.2021.665335
  12. Yaghmour NA, Poulin LJ, Bernabeo EC, Ekpenyong A, Li ST, Eden AR, Hauer KE, Tichter AM, Hamstra SJ, Holmboe ES  Stages of Milestones Implementation: A Template Analysis of 16 Programs Across 4 Specialties.  J Grad Med Educ  2021 Apr;13(2 Suppl):14-44. doi:10.4300/JGME-D-20-00900.1
  13. Ye J, Sanchez-Pinto LN  Three Data-Driven Phenotypes of Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Preserved from Early Childhood to Middle Adulthood.  AMIA Annu Symp Proc  2020;2020:1345-1353
  14. Gilligan LA, Trout AT, Davenport MS, Zhang B, O'Hara SM, Dillman JR  Predictors of Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Appendicitis: Role of the Individual Sonographer and Radiologist When Using a First-Line Ultrasound Approach.  J Am Coll Radiol  2021 Apr 29;. pii:S1546-1440(21)00292-1
  15. Cassimatis IR, Ayala LD, Miller ES, Garcia PM, Jao J, Yee LM  Third trimester repeat HIV testing: It's time we make it universal.  Am J Obstet Gynecol  2021 Apr 28;. pii:S0002-9378(21)00505-6
  16. Chun KS, Kang YJ, Lee JY, Nguyen M, Lee B, Lee R, Jo HH, Allen E, Chen H, Kim J  et al.  A skin-conformable wireless sensor to objectively quantify symptoms of pruritus.  Sci Adv  2021 Apr;7(18). pii:eabf9405
  17. Breeze CE, Batorsky A, Lee MK, Szeto MD, Xu X, McCartney DL, Jiang R, Patki A, Kramer HJ, Eales JM  et al.  Epigenome-wide association study of kidney function identifies trans-ethnic and ethnic-specific loci.  Genome Med  2021 Apr 30;13(1):74. doi:10.1186/s13073-021-00877-z
  18. Hallquist MLG, Tricou EP, Ormond KE, Savatt JM, Coughlin CR, Faucett WA, Hercher L, Levy HP, O'Daniel JM, Peay HL  et al.  Application of a framework to guide genetic testing communication across clinical indications.  Genome Med  2021 Apr 29;13(1):71. doi:10.1186/s13073-021-00887-x
  19. Raviv T, Warren CM, Washburn JJ, Kanaley MK, Eihentale L, Goldenthal HJ, Russo J, Martin CP, Lombard LS, Tully J  et al.  Caregiver Perceptions of Children's Psychological Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic.  JAMA Netw Open  2021 Apr 01;4(4):e2111103. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.11103
  20. Weber TL, Selya A, Wakschlag LS, Dierker L, Rose JS, Hedeker D, Mermelstein RJ  The effect of maternal smoking on offspring smoking is unrelated to heritable personality traits or initial subjective experiences.  Nicotine Tob Res  2021 Apr 29;. pii:ntab081
  21. Wheeler AC, Gwaltney A, Raspa M, Okoniewski KC, Berry-Kravis E, Botteron KN, Budimirovic D, Hazlett HC, Hessl D, Losh M  et al.  Emergence of Developmental Delay in Infants and Toddlers With an FMR1 Mutation.  Pediatrics  2021 May;147(5). pii:e2020011528
  22. Duan S, Arlian BM, Nycholat CM, Wei Y, Tateno H, Smith SA, Macauley MS, Zhu Z, Bochner BS, Paulson JC  Nanoparticles Displaying Allergen and Siglec-8 Ligands Suppress IgE-FcεRI-Mediated Anaphylaxis and Desensitize Mast Cells to Subsequent Antigen Challenge.  J Immunol  2021 Apr 28;. pii:ji1901212
  23. Alkureishi MA, Johnson T, Nichols J, Dhodapkar M, Czerwiec MK, Wroblewski K, Arora VM, Lee WW  Impact of an Educational Comic to Enhance Patient-Physician-Electronic Health Record Engagement: Prospective Observational Study.  JMIR Hum Factors  2021 Apr 28;8(2):e25054. doi:10.2196/25054
  24. Wechsler JB, Ackerman SJ, Chehade M, Amsden K, Riffle ME, Wang MY, Du J, Kleinjan ML, Alumkal P, Gray E  et al.  Noninvasive Biomarkers Identify Eosinophilic Esophagitis: A Prospective Longitudinal Study in Children.  Allergy  2021 Apr 27;. doi:10.1111/all.14874
  25. Gao HM, Ambroggio L, Shah SS, Ruddy RM, Florin TA  Predictive Value of Clinician "Gestalt" in Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia.  Pediatrics  2021 May;147(5). pii:e2020041582
  26. Griffin AC, Xing Z, Mikles SP, Bailey S, Khairat S, Arguello J, Wang Y, Chung AE  Information needs and perceptions of chatbots for hypertension medication self-management: a mixed methods study.  JAMIA Open  2021 Apr;4(2):ooab021. doi:10.1093/jamiaopen/ooab021
  27. Schinasi DA, Foster CC, Bohling MK, Barrera L, Macy ML  Attitudes and Perceptions of Telemedicine in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey of Naïve Healthcare Providers.  Front Pediatr  2021;9:647937. doi:10.3389/fped.2021.647937
  28. Bhatt NS, Brazauskas R, Salit RB, Syrjala K, Bo-Subait S, Tecca H, Badawy SM, Baker KS, Beitinjaneh A, Bejanyan N  et al.  Return to Work Among Young Adult Survivors of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in the United States.  Transplant Cell Ther  2021 Apr 22;. pii:S2666-6367(21)00860-5
  29. Saygin D, Oddis CV, Dzanko S, Koontz D, Moghadam-Kia S, Ardalan K, Coles TM, Aggarwal R  Utility of patient-reported outcomes measurement information system (PROMIS) physical function form in inflammatory myopathy.  Semin Arthritis Rheum  2021 Apr 15;51(3):539-546. pii:S0049-0172(21)00056-1
  30. Marin JR, Rodean J, Mannix RC, Hall M, Alpern ER, Aronson PL, Chaudhari PP, Cohen E, Freedman SB, Morse RB  et al.  Association of Clinical Guidelines and Decision Support with CT use in Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.  J Pediatr  2021 Apr 21;. pii:S0022-3476(21)00352-8
  31. Lipshaw MJ, Florin TA  "Don't Just Do Something, Stand There": Embracing Deimplementation of Bronchiolitis Therapeutics.  Pediatrics  2021 May;147(5). pii:e2020048645
  32. Kaat AJ, Zelko F, Wilkening G, Berg AT  Evaluation of the Aberrant Behavior Checklist for Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies.  Epilepsy Behav  2021 Apr 20;119:107958. pii:S1525-5050(21)00192-X
  33. Derington CG, Cohen JB, Mohanty AF, Greene TH, Cook J, Ying J, Wei G, Herrick JS, Stevens VW, Jones BE  et al.  Angiotensin II receptor blocker or angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor use and COVID-19-related outcomes among US Veterans.  PLoS One  2021;16(4):e0248080. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0248080
  34. Kan K, Shaunfield S, Kanaley M, Chadha A, Boon K, Foster CC, Morales L, Labellarte P, Vojta D, Gupta RS  Parent Experiences With Electronic Medication Monitoring in Pediatric Asthma Management: Qualitative Study.  JMIR Pediatr Parent  2021 Apr 23;4(2):e25811. doi:10.2196/25811
  35. Liu Z, Zhu H, He C, He T, Pan S, Zhao N, Zhu L, Guan G, Liu P, Zhang Y  et al.  Nicorandil attenuates high glucose-induced insulin resistance by suppressing oxidative stress-mediated ER stress PERK signaling pathway.  BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care  2021 Apr;9(1). pii:e001884
  36. Hu Y, Stilp AM, McHugh CP, Rao S, Jai D, Zheng X, Lane J, Méric de Bellefon S, Raffield LM, Chen MH  et al.  Whole-genome sequencing association analysis of quantitative red blood cell phenotypes: The NHLBI TOPMed program.  Am J Hum Genet  2021 Apr 16;. pii:S0002-9297(21)00134-8
  37. Timmerberg JF, Krosschell KJ, Dunaway Young S, Uher D, Yun C, Montes J  Essential competencies for physical therapist managing individuals with spinal muscular atrophy: A delphi study.  PLoS One  2021;16(4):e0249279. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0249279
  38. Rahmandar MH, Williams FS, Kuhns LM  Understanding Risk Factors for Persistent Opioid Use Among Youths.  JAMA Netw Open  2021 Apr 01;4(4):e214904. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.4904
  39. Story CM, Wang T, Bhatt VR, Battiwalla M, Badawy SM, Kamoun M, Gragert L, Brown V, Baxter-Lowe LA, Marsh SG  et al.  Genetics of HLA peptide presentation, and impact on outcomes in HLA-matched allo-HCT.  Transplant Cell Ther  2021 Apr 18;. pii:S2666-6367(21)00827-7
  40. Listernick ZI, Knight L, Elkus HJ, Bercovitz RS, Gong S, Badawy SM  Scurvy and non-immune hemolytic anemia in an adolescent with trisomy 21.  Pediatr Blood Cancer  2021 Apr 21;:e29070. doi:10.1002/pbc.29070
  41. Gilligan LA, Trout AT, Davenport MS, Zhang B, O'Hara SM, Dillman JR  Variation in imaging outcomes associated with individual sonographers and radiologists in pediatric acute appendicitis: a retrospective cohort of 9271 examinations.  Eur Radiol  2021 Apr 21;. doi:10.1007/s00330-021-07939-1
  42. Adams WM, Hosokawa Y, Casa DJ, Périard JD, Racinais S, Wingo JE, Yeargin SW, Scarneo-Miller SE, Kerr ZY, Belval LN  et al.  Roundtable on Preseason Heat Safety in Secondary School Athletics: Heat Acclimatization.  J Athl Train  2021 Apr 01;56(4):352-361. doi:10.4085/1062-6050-596-20
  43. Wittekind SG, Huang JH, Ward K, Koenig P  Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Training in Exercise Medicine: A General Needs Assessment.  Pediatr Cardiol  2021 Apr 20;. doi:10.1007/s00246-021-02610-4
  44. Chaudhary N, Elijovich L, Martinez M, Fifi JT, Ortega-Gutierrez S, Shaibani A, Pandey AS, Suzuki S, Field RR, Gemmete JJ  et al.  Pediatric diagnostic cerebral angiography: practice recommendations from the SNIS Pediatric Committee.  J Neurointerv Surg  2021 Apr 19;. pii:neurintsurg-2021-017389
  45. Legano LA, Desch LW, Messner SA, Idzerda S, Flaherty EG, ,   Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities.  Pediatrics  2021 May;147(5). pii:e2021050920
  46. Montalto A, Amarelli C, Piazza V, Hopkins K, Comisso M, Pantanella R, Musumeci F  A new hemodynamic index to predict late right failure in patients implanted with last generation centrifugal pump.  J Card Surg  2021 Apr 19;. doi:10.1111/jocs.15564
  47. Levy VY, Bhombal S, Villafane J, McBride ME, Chung S, Figueroa M, Hopper A, Johnson JN, Costello JM,   Status of Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Neonatal Cardiac Care in the United States.  Pediatr Cardiol  2021 Apr 18;. doi:10.1007/s00246-021-02586-1
  48. Percival ME, Wang HL, Zhang MJ, Saber W, de Lima M, Litzow M, Kebriaei P, Abdel-Azim H, Adekola K, Aljurf M  et al.  Impact of depth of clinical response on outcomes of acute myeloid leukemia patients in first complete remission who undergo allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.  Bone Marrow Transplant  2021 Apr 16;. doi:10.1038/s41409-021-01261-6
  49. Warren CM, Brewer AG, Grobman B, Jiang J, Gupta RS  Racial/Ethnic Differences in Food Allergy.  Immunol Allergy Clin North Am  2021 May;41(2):189-203. pii:S0889-8561(21)00007-2
  50. Coppens S, Barnard AM, Puusepp S, Pajasalu S, Õunap K, Vargas-Franco D, Bruels CC, Donkervoort S, Pais L, Chao KR  et al.  A form of muscular dystrophy associated with pathogenic variants in JAG2.  Am J Hum Genet  2021 Apr 09;. pii:S0002-9297(21)00130-0
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