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Research Scholar's Day

Every spring, the Department of Pediatrics hosts an annual Research Scholar's Day, where postdoctoral fellows, fellows, graduate students, senior residents and research staff present their research to medical staff and colleagues in a professional conference environment.

Research Scholar's Day Faculty Leadership

Patrick C. Seed, MD, PhD

Patrick C. Seed, MD, PhD

Associate Chief Research Officer, Basic Science

patrick.seed( at )

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Jennifer Trainor, MD

Jennifer Trainor, MD

Associate Chair, Education

jtrainor( at )

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Dr. Trainor's interests involve medical student simulation and the use of bootcamps to prepare students for the transition to residency. Joined kidSTAR in 2002.

Meredith Bone, MD

Meredith Bone, MD

Fellowship Program Director, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Critical Care

MBone( at )

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Winners are announced and presented with commemorative plaques at Grand Rounds. Pictured (l to r): Kristine Corkum, MD, Justin Ideozu, PhD, Varsha Suresh Kumar, PhD, Lajja Desai, MD, Gaston Ofman, MD, Amanda Puro, MD, Nina Alfieri, MD, Hawa Forkpa, MD.

Project information for those pictured and full list of winners can be found here (PDF).

Poster Spotlight


Each year, we have a diverse selection of lab, clinical and health services policy research entries, and this year was no exception.


Pediatric Resident Dr. Elaine Coldren (pictured at right)

Title: Quality Improvement of Tuberculosis Screening at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Orphanage in Miacatlan, Mexico

Authors: Elaine Coldren, MD and Maheen Quadri, MD


Infectious Diseases fellow Dr. Oikonomopoulou Zacharoula, MD (pictured at right)

Title: Microbiome surveillance in immunocompromised patients presenting with fever and neutropenia

Authors: Zacharoula Oikonomopoulou MD, Patrick Seed, Larry Kociolek, MD, MSCI, Reggie Duerst, MD, Sameer Patel MD, MPH, William Muller MD, PhD


Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant Fellow Aroop Kar, MD (pictured at right)

Title: Effect of MNK Inhibitor SLV-2436 in Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Authors: Aroop K. Kar, MD, Ewa M. Kosciuczuk, PhD, Gavin T. Blyth, PhD, Leonidas C. Platanias, MD, PhD


Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine fellow Andrew Franklin, MD (pictured at left)

Title: Perinatal Covariates of Cord Blood Alpha Klotho: A Novel Role of Placental Aging in Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Author: Andrew Franklin MD, Robert Birkett, Juanita Saqibuddin, Karen Mestan MD


Infectious Diseases Research Associate Aakash Balaji (pictured at right)

Title: Clostridium difficile whole genome sequencing reveals limited within-host genetic diversity

Authors: Aakash Balaji, Egon A. Ozer, MD, PhD, Alan R. Hauser, MD, PhD, Larry K. Kociolek, MD, MSCI

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