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New faculty members will meet with an Office of Faculty Development member and will be directed toward resources in identifying a mentor. With the mentor, the mentee will be expected to develop a Career Advancement Plan (CAP). The designation of this mentor(s), which can and should change based upon the needs of the mentee, will be tracked by the Office of Faculty Development in partnership with the individual’s division head, who also will contribute to the mentoring of the faculty member.

The development of innovative approaches such as group mentoring or peer mentoring will be encouraged. The mentor and mentee will be responsible for a brief report, to be submitted in April of each year, approximately six months off the cycle for the annual faculty self-evaluation.

All faculty on the tenure track must have a mentoring committee. For assistance in building a mentoring committee, please contact us.

Career Advancement Plan

Download the CAP worksheet to develop your plan with your mentor: 

Feinberg Faculty Portal

A new section has been added to the Feinberg Faculty Portal. The section is called Meetings with Mentors (on the Activities page), and it is intended as a place where faculty can record feedback received from their mentors over time. It is available for use by all faculty, but it is likely to be most frequently used by junior faculty. In addition to the new section, there is a new summary report called Report of Meetings with Mentors which can be generated from the Vitas & Biosketches page accessible from the left navigation.

Mentoring Resources

Connect with broader Feinberg mentoring community via the links below. 

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