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Quality Initiatives

Lee Budin

Lee Budin, MD, Associate Chair, Quality

The Department of Pediatrics is committed to continuous improvement in all domains and focuses on the Institute of Medicine's six domains of healthcare quality. We perform, support and train in improvement science and partner with Northwestern University for more comprehensive training. We will consider our program a success when we view everything as an opportunity for improvement. 

Healthcare quality and safety initiatives are critical to providing optimal healthcare as well as reducing variations of care that will facilitate greater learning in all forms of research. Faculty involved in these initiatives help train medical students, residents and fellows in quality and safety.

The Department of Pediatrics is looking to expand the number of faculty members with healthcare quality and safety expertise. We offer several opportunities for faculty to expand their expertise in these areas:

Certificate Course for Improvement Scholars

This six-month course involves multidisciplinary faculty and participants including physicians. Scholars learn in didactic sessions and initiate an improvement project in their microsystem to accelerate their learning.

Journal Writing Club

We have initiated an Improvement Writers group that will advance optimal utilization of SQUIRE guidelines in September 2018. Graduates of this program are expected to submit healthcare quality and safety manuscripts, help teach the ensuing session and serve as mentors for other colleagues working in these areas.

Value in Healthcare

Faculty involved in quality and safety initiatives are currently developing a method for quantifying value in healthcare. This will enable the institution to prioritize work based on metrics that matter most to our patients and their families.

Carolynn L Price, MD

Instructor of Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)

Dr. Price is a pediatric hospitalist in the Division of Hospital Based Medicine as well as an Instructor of Pediatrics at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She completed a Chief Residency year in which she had experiences on hospital administration committees focused on patient safety and quality improvement. She has an interest in both undergraduate and graduate medical education.

Patricia Chiamas, MD

Instructor of Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)

As the Division Head of Hospital Based Medicine Outreach, I have focused much of my clinical interests surrounding clinical simulation activities and quality improvement. More recently, we are using both of these tools to develop pediatric core competencies for the pediatric hospitalist.

Adrienne Prestridge Savant, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine)

From a clinical perspective, I am involved with all aspects of pulmonary medicine and see all patients, however, my area of specific focus is cystic fibrosis. I also have an interest in interstitial lung disease, pulmonary function testing, neuromuscular disease, rheumatologic related lung disease and asthma. My main area of scholarly activity is related to quality improvement and implementation science in all areas of pulmonary medicine, however have primarily focused in cystic fibrosis. I have held several grants to improve care and continue to work to maintain the care delivery that has bee...

Kate E Lucey, MD, MS

Instructor of Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)

Dr. Lucey's primary interests include quality improvement and acute inpatient pediatric care. Her current focuses include improving sepsis outcomes, reducing unnecessary monitor use, and optimizing step-down and intermediate care for pediatric patients.

Karna Murthy, MD, MSCI

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Neonatology)

My interests are within the Children's Hospital Neonatal Consortium (CHNC: The CHNC has developed a database focusing on infants with uncommon congenital anomalies and/or acquired complications related to preterm birth in 34 regional NICUs since 2010 in the United States and Canada. We aim to describe the care and outcomes for a population of critically-ill infants that has not been a traditional area of focus in existing registries. Our long term goals are to: (1) establish standards of care and clinical practice guidelines for infants with uncommon but high-acuity il...

Alina M Lopez, MD

Instructor of Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)

Through my practice in pediatric hospitalist medicine, I am both challenged and greatly rewarded by the opportunity to serve a wide range of patients with a vast spectrum of disease. I have also sought to balance my clinical work with ample opportunities to contribute to medical education, both at the resident and medical student levels; in doing so, I am able to focus my teaching, provide valuable feedback, and ultimately better serve trainees as an instructor and a mentor. Additionally, as I continue to grow professionally as a pediatric hospitalist, I remain dedicated to supporting quality ...

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