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Program Mission & Aims

Mission: To provide a training environment that promotes autonomy and develops pediatricians with the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes to be local and national leaders across the spectrum of pediatric careers.

Specific Aims:  To achieve this mission, the Pediatric Residency Program strives:

  • To recruit high-achieving pediatric resident candidates with diverse characteristics that will lead to success in clinical care, scholarship, advocacy, and leadership.
  • To promote acquisition of foundational and cutting edge medical knowledge in the care of infants, children, and adolescents.
  • To provide a collaborative scholarly training environment that promotes growth and success in academic scholarship, including advocacy, clinical care, medical education, and research.
  • To train residents to practice pediatrics in an evidence-based environment with attention to patient safety and quality improvement.
  • To train residents who are capable of becoming pediatric generalists, subspecialists, researchers, educators, and clinicians in the hospital and community setting.

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