Department of Pediatrics Excellence Awards

2022 Winners

We are delighted to acknowledge the following individuals for outstanding performance and contributions to our mission over the past year.  Awards are bestowed in each category per rank (assistant professor/assistant clinician/instructor; associate professor/associate clinician; professor/master clinician).  View the achievements of the award winners.  Congratulations!

Excellence in Advocacy:

Honorees: Kerri Machut, Maria Rahmandar, Kristine Cieslak

Excellence in Clinical Care:

Honorees: Amanda Hauck, Paul Tannous, Gregg Montalto

Excellence in Education:

Honorees: Nina Alfieri, Candace Mannarino, Jennifer Strople

Excellence in Outreach Care:

Honorees: Brandi Kenner-Bell, Deborah Margulis, Lavanya Shankar

Excellence in Scholarship:

Honorees: Jennifer Hoffmann, Sriram Ramgopal, Ruchi Gupta, Debra Weese-Mayer

2021 Winners

View the achievements of the award winners. Congratulations!

Excellence in Clinical Care

Honorees: Kate Lucey, Emily Roben, Amy Lay, John Fortunato

Excellence in Education

Honorees: Priya Jain, Suzanne Schmidt, Ravi Jhaveri

Excellence in Leadership

Honorees: Erin Paquette, Mariana Glusman, Priya Verghese

Excellence in Outreach Care

Honorees: Shivani Patel, Shivani Desai, Anita Swamy, Meta Carroll

Excellence in Scholarship

Honorees: Amanda Marma Perak, Seema Shah, Mary Clyde Pierce

2020 Winners

View the achievements of the award winners. Congratulations!

Excellence in Clinical Care

Honorees: Becca Stephen, Malika Shah, Joel Fisher

Excellence in Scholarship

Honorees: Sherif Badawy, Todd Florin, Anne Rowley

Excellence in Leadership

Honorees: Kiona Allen, Nia Heard Garris, Dana Schinasi, William Muller, Kelly Michelson

Excellence in Education

Honorees: Robyn Bockrath, Zarina Norton, Mary McBride, Mark Adler


Pictured: Drs. McBride, Schinasi, Badawy, Shah, Rowley, Muller, Allen, Adler, Florin

2019 Winners

photo of award winners

View the achievements of the award winners.

Excellence in Scholarship

Honorees: Larry Kociolek, Michelle Macy, Robert Garofalo

Excellence in Leadership

Honorees: Irini Kolaitis, Sameer Patel, Alexis Thompson

Excellence in Education/Mentorship

Honorees: Karen Mangold, Michael Carr, Sarah Chamlin


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